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colorlabindia.com is India’s no 1 Free classified Ad listing site exclusively for color labs, photo studios, Photographers, dealers, engineers and for all employees of Indian photographic Industry, to Buy - Sell used machineries / equipments & to find Jobs, updates, news & much more.... Become a member and start listing your Ads… It’s Free.!

About Us

About colorlabindia.com

I am proud to say that I belong to Photographic Industry since 25 Years, as an Employee, Engineer, color lab & studio owner, Trader ,Dealer and in many other ways,

Being with several Industry leaders, Experts and well wishers for a long time, studied and gained lot of experience from Indian and International photographic Industry right from B&W, Manual printing to latest digital laser dry mini-lab printing technology.

Having benefited so much from Photographic Industry, In return I always wanted to give something good for this Industry. I feel Colorlabindia.com is the best possible thing to serve the day today needs of this Industry.

Colorlabindia.com is developed EXCLUSIVELY FOR INDIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC INDUSTRY keeping in mind, the minute needs of the people belongs to this Industry right from Helper, Photographer, Studio owner, color lab owner ,Traders, dealers, engineer and to all the peoples who are working in this Industry.

Colorlabindia.com greatly helps to bring closer the Buyer & Seller, Employer & Employee, Dealer & Retailer, Engineers & color lab Owner and many others.

Colorlabindia.com contribute in conserving our environment by using the used equipment to the fullest life before it is goes back to earth, As everyone in this industry knows many of our equipment may not be used due to some reasons ,but it is still in good to use condition for many others.

Colorlabindia.com contributes to save foreign exchange. As many of us generally prefer to buy reconditioned equipment from abroad, now we can source good working equipment’s here in India at much cheaper price rather than importing similar equipment at higher price.

Now Buying, Selling, Searching Jobs, Finding Employees, Dealers & Engineers is Simple & Easy